Our analysts verify all the feeds in order to avoid false positives in our feed packages.

Real Attacks data

We grab malicious IPs performing worldwide attacks. We own an extensive network of honeypots to identify different types of attacks

Malware sandboxing feeds

We detonate thousand of samples every day to get the required IOCs ready to be used internally to protect your assets.

Whitelisting filtering

We work to avoid false positives in our feeds to protect the quality and the objective behind consume our feeds



Get our premium indicators of compromise soon

Malware bundle

We offer a classified malware bundle package in order to detonate it or do malware investigations around specific malware families.

Malware Sandbox Testing

Do you operate a malware sandbox system? We have large experience working with malware sanbox systems, we can help you to improve your detonation system. We consider ourselves vendor agnostic consultants, we will help you regardless of the sandbox system you use

Free Package

We offer a free package of malware feeds and a malware bundle. We implemented certain limitations to download our data.